Saturday, December 27, 2014

How to ...

Ssup people? :D

Today i am going to do some how tos,maybe not an xpert on stuffs all around but u might find them helpful(probably not).
or u can try the "meaning of life" program for $1 to the infinite 0s
  How to stop facebook addiction?

Log out and use watsapp.

How to fight depression?

Lights off,ice cream & Assassin Creed!!!

you r lying Loki,u used beer
 How to eat Nutella?

Smear on your mom's favorite curtains and enjoy.

How to get people to like you?

Sell out everything that u own (underwear optional) and buy a Ferrari.

How to make first impressions?

By not being yourself and caring a bad ass smartphone.

at least got the phone man
 As a side note , go read Mortal Instrument series,no seriously...lemme no if it will kick Hunger Game 's ass.... Come on ..Do u see the genius.The director did a shit job on the movie but...
the height of awesome
 Thats all guys hope you enjoyed just feels fan -to the-tastic being me ....bah bye
High five,fist pump & flutter away :D

Friday, December 26, 2014

Yet from the top

Hey guys ;) missed u didnt:p

Before i start i just want to let you know that i love books and i love doing weird shits.Thats what this blog will be about m not a nerd or crazy (maybe lil).So these are some of the books i tried recently .Y/A novels to be exact but all i see is 25+ content.

Jokes aside (nah)..I like witty lines in books (helps me flip off xboyfriends ;) ) and this two were Oh my sweet lord.

yes it looks like....but there is way better inside

 This book is Satan' hot barbeque coal hot.Apart from the colourful 25+ descriptions,I love when the characters best part...not gonna give out spoilers..its worth it.

no butterflies...if u dont consider "butterflies"

 Never my second choice.greatest book ever to learn snarky comments and wits that would make everyone drop to your knees.Romantic...but u just have to read to know if there's more :)

So back to craziness ,here are some questions that i gathered (ofcourse no comments yet,jeez my first 

Are you a terrorist?

God no...i am way more awesome...i watch Barbie & Harry Potter.
No ..but there's always barbie land
 Why do you sing to a lava lamp?

Cristina grimmie says cause its bubbly.I say its my secret mystical power hidden there and it can only be summoned when i sing "Not Afraid-Eminem" to it . I know doesnt make sense.

 Not Afraid -Eminem you can listen to it...if u havent become cool now

Does apple keep the cancer away?

I aint no scientist.You go play with X rays all your life and u gone blame me for telling you apple makes you superman ..hell no . Maybe it does.Not listening to Justin Beiber helps too.
Nigahiga to the rescue anyone?
  So thats all i guess, please leave a comment and let me know what else i can do here to suggestions and jellies :3 

High five,fist pump & flutter away :D

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Life from the bottom of nowhere

Trust me is a weird title to start with :p

A levels knocking at my door i don't really know whats wrong with me .But here's my first blog...
and this intro sucks.
o look maybe first i should advice on an iorange for my thumb
 I know how all the students out there are suffering from the post traumatic typhoon leading to a recurring apocalypse hiding under their bed / study pressure.

Maybe you 'll enjoy Q/A like I do (no i am not asking you to study ) and you dont have a freaking clue on what the hell i am talking about.
Watcha talkin' bout
On your mark ..... Go ! :3

Who is guilty?

My dad's favourite.Everyone!Schools,country,orange jelly,me,brownies,Harry Potter ........ Chuck Noris.

What is spagetti?

BigMac thrown in the trash,Burritos smashed on faces ,Lays whatever chips electrocuted and then two minute noodles gone wrong
glad we are one the same page sis

 Who is a unicorn?

Iluminati! yup news flash unicorns are evil .Their only weaknesss  is a teddy bear or ....Superwoman .Makesure you have one.
umm...sure whatever you say your illu...majesty
 I think that all guys .Hope you enjoyed .i know its not much but may be you can leave crazy questions of your own in the comments and i can answer them.

Highfive,fist pump & flutter away! :D